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Dry Ice

Mr Iceman Party Shop

Dry Ice. Service. Advice.

As a leading dry ice supplier of Sydney, Mr Iceman’s Dry Ice is produced in standard 13mm Pellets, blocks, or slices up to 8kg.

Each type of dry ice suits different requirements. Mr Iceman can help you select the correct dry ice for your specific use, provide an estimate on how much you need & direction on usage in accordance with the safety guidelines.

Our dry ice is delivered fresh throughout greater Sydney for a broad range of uses.

Leading dry ice supplier of Sydney, supplying weddings & events, restaurants & bars, schools & universities, industrial, commercial & retail customers.

Contact us for service and advice on any dry ice application.

We specialise in programmed deliveries

for regular dry ice supply.

Dry ice is extremely cold at -78.5˚C!

It needs to be stored in the right box to ensure it’s longevity.

Leading Dry Ice Supplier Sydney

Depending on how much dry ice your project needs will depend on the size of the storage box you will require. There is a minimum order of 4kg delivered and 2kg is the minimum pick up.

3-5kg   Extra Small


7 Litre

6-7kg   Small


9 Litre

8-12kg   Medium


15 Litre

13-25kg   Large


31 Litre

26-42kg   Extra Large


55 Litre*

Boxes start at $6 each. *Special need only, two person lift.

Dry Ice FAQ's

What is the Minimum quantity to purchase?

You can pick up a minimum of 2kg from our warehouse for $25 which includes the storage box.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is a name that is applied to compressed carbon dioxide, “snow.”

Does it melt?

No. Dry ice goes through a process called “sublimation” in which a solid substance skips the liquid state and changes directly into a gaseous state.

How is dry ice created?

To make Dry Ice carbon dioxide gas is cooled at high pressure which liquefies the gas. The cooling takes the carbon dioxide to the “triple point.” The highly pressured liquid is then suddenly expanded by spraying and turns into snow. This is then extruded to form pellets or blocks.

What will prevent the dry ice from turning into a gas again?

Nothing will prevent the dry ice from sublimating. It is a natural process for the solid dry ice to return to gas. Once it is out of the high pressure it must be insulated to reduce the rate of sublimation. Mr Iceman provides a range of storage & delivery options to reduce the sublimation loss.

How heavy is dry ice?

A slab measuring 25cm x 25cm x 5cm is 4.5-5kg.

At what rate can I expect dry ice to sublimate?

In a well-insulated Styrofoam box, an estimated loss rate of 1-2% per hour. Large quantities in Dry Ice storage containers can limit sublimation down to 5% per day. All Mr Iceman deliveries account for loss during transit to ensure you have the correct amount at the time of use.

What should dry ice be put into to insulate it?

Wrapping blocks or slices in paper will reduce the sublimation rate. The block or pellets should be stored in an insulated container. Wrapping the box in a towel or blanket can further assist the insulation properties of the box. Remember, NEVER seal dry ice in an airtight container (screw-type bottle or jar) to avoid pressure build-up.

What can you use dry ice for?

Dry Ice can be used for many applications in many places including Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Parties & Weddings for Cocktails,
instant Ice Cream and fog effects. Science & Medical Labs – Safe storage & transport of specimens.
It’s great for transporting perishable food so it stays fresh.
Schools & Universities for Curriculum based experiments, fun fog effects & laboratory research.

SAFETY READ! How to best handle dry ice

Always wear gloves

Always wear protective gloves when handling the product to avoid extreme frostbite.

Not safe for children without supervision

Children MUST be supervised by a responsible adult.

Never place dry ice in your mouth

Do not swallow, or put dry ice in your mouth. Do not put dry ice in anyone’s clothing for fun. Potentially severe frostbite may occur as a result of prolonged contact with the skin.

Never place dry ice in a sealed container

Do not place dry ice inside an airtight container. Sublimed vapours will increase the interior pressure and will rupture the container.

Place a layer between goods to be frozen to prevent freeze burn

Place a thick layer of cardboard, Styrofoam or similar separator between food and liquid products which need to be chilled. Food and liquid products in containers will freeze when their container is placed in contact with dry ice over a short period of time.

Dry ice disappears into C02 gas

Dry ice does not “melt” into a liquid. A process called “sublimation” occurs. Sublimation is when a solid substance skips the liquid state and goes directly into a gas from its original solid state. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide that expands to a gas. You can lose consciousness by directly breathing in the dry ice vapours for an extended period of time. You will sense carbon dioxide by a “tingling” sensation in the mouth.


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