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Cauldron Special Effects Kit – Small


Brew Recipe:
1. Fill cauldron with 2-3 Ltrs warm/hot family recipe witches brew
(water is a great substitute for witch’s brew if unavailable)
2. Add 1/2 a scoop of Dry Ice, adding more than 1 scoop at a time will cause hell to freezer over, well colder water faster at least.
3. Thrown in some essence of Brew LED – Be Careful, scary stuff!


Small Cauldron/s,
Superbright 3LED Green or Purple Brew light/s
Orange/Red Fire LED/s
Dry Ice for time-frame selected
Dry Ice Safety Gloves &
Dry Ice Scoop.

The amount of Dry Ice supplied will be enough to give a strong fog effect for the time frame selected.
If you use the fog effect for 75% of the time selected (eg 45 minute Run Time Per Hour), then you can expect 25% leftover Dry Ice for other effects & fun like Mistystix!

**Very Important – Special Ingredient Handling Instructions-See LED Products**

Cauldron Size: 15cm High (26cm Handle Up) x 20cm Diameter Link to Product
Water Capacity: Holds 2-3 litres of brew.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

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